A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

Teach someone to fish and they’ll be fed for a lifetime.
This loose paraphrasing from Anne Ritchie’s 1885 short story “Mrs. Dymond” has inspired people, and whole social movements, for over 125 years! Why?
Because it is a “simple truth.”

The Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club can help you give this gift of a simple truth to that special angler in your life this holiday season… and it may be the best valued gift you could give and certainly one that they’ll always remember!

Call us today at (215) 245-0677 to reserve a seat for your family member or friend at one of our classes: Introduction to Fly Fishing ($25.00), or Introduction to Fly Fishing on the Little Lehigh Creek ($50.00 includes lunch), or our eight-week long Fly Tying Class ($50.00).

Any of these thoughtful gifts would be perfect for your boss, or favorite auto mechanic, school teacher, little league coach, postal carrier, barber, Secret Santa or Pollyanna, and don’t forget that helpful young person in your neighborhood. Consider gifting one for yourself!

So, if you are still searching for a special “gift to last a lifetime” for the special angler in your life, then give us a call. Any of these Classes are perfect for stocking-stuffing.
BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE: If you complete your holiday gift shopping with us today – you just might be able to avoid the crush at the mall this weekend!
Now that is a pretty good deal, eh?

For more information on class dates and times, please visit our “Classes” page or call us at (215) 245-0677.

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