“Fly Fishing Small Streams” Presentation

Jerry Girard Sr. and Dave Kimbell will team up this month to provide the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club with their expert insight on Fly Fishing Small Streams on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, starting at 7:30 PM. Members and guests who attend will be rewarded with knowledge on tackle selection, casting techniques, finding and approaching fish and much more. Both Jerry Sr. and Dave are long-time members of the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club and both have contributed greatly to our club’s longevity and many other successes. Members and Guests alike are encouraged to join us for this very special, informative, and doubtlessly entertaining presentation.

If you haven’t yet experienced Fly Fishing Small Streams, consider this: In the U.S., only Alaska has more miles of streams than Pennsylvania’s 83,000 miles, and while much of the Pennsylvania lands have been developed to the riparian edge (and beyond), over 5,100 miles of waterways still exist in wild and undeveloped state forest lands. In our home waters of the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club, the Delaware R. flows for nearly 300 miles without interruption from standing dams, draining over 13,500 square miles of four basin states (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware) through roughly 216 feeder streams.

The Delaware R. is a popular destination for anglers and other water recreation. As such, the Delaware R. can become a bit crowded and noisy – especially around the warmer seasonal holidays and weekends. When this happens many of us seek out the solitude and action of those smaller, cooler, feeder streams and wooded creeks containing trout, smallmouth bass and many other species. Fly Fishing these small streams successfully requires a wholly unique set of tools, tactics and skills, and for this reason, our upcoming February 26 meeting is dedicated to Fly Fishing Small Streams.

We hope you will join us and Bring a Friend!

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