Pssst… Want to know a secret?

Are you one of those anglers who, when asked about conditions at a favorite fishing hole, offers a frown and a hunch about better chances at another spot further downstream? Or perhaps you find it worth the effort to walk a little farther from a parking spot so as not to tip off others to your secret eddy where you landed that big one last fall. Then again, maybe you are one who is quick to share the truth with a trusted angling friend but you will only do so in a whisper so those guys in the dining booth behind you won’t clean out that spot with live bait before your vacation next week.

Consider that this secret fishing spot may be on land in a government managed park, or owned by an individual who was kind enough to grant you access. That fishing spot? That is property – tangible property. Knowing about that spot – the value of that spot to an angler such as yourself – that is intangible property. You don’t own the property that stream flows through, but you do own the knowledge of that spot. The mere knowledge of the spot is what you want to keep private.

Our rights to the value of our knowledge (of things and even of ourselves) is protected by our rights of privacy. If we give up our rights of privacy, including our right to communicate privately, then we have forfeited our rights to the value of that private knowledge and we undermine many more rights to which privacy is a foundation.

On June 5, 2014, a world wide educational action named “Reset the Net” will take place.  Concerned individuals, groups, institutions, and governments will attempt to educate everyone who communicates using digital or other electronic means about methods to maintain communication privacy. The simple message is this:

You don’t need to surrender your privacy! There are Free and Simple Tools available for nearly every popular communication device we use today. Visit to download the tools that will work on your communication devices.

Your privacy is your right.
Keeping your privacy is free.
Losing your privacy could cost you more than you ever imagined.

~Wayne K

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