March 22nd Presentation

Lehigh River:  The Wild, Wild East

The Lehigh is one of Pennsylvania’s largest tail-waters where you can target both wild and stocked trout in roughly 45 miles of fishable water. Many people drive right past the Lehigh on their trek to fish the upper Delaware but more and more are turning their sights to the mighty Lehigh and recognizing the Lehigh for the quality fishery that it is. The presentation will cover access, fishing techniques, boating the river, and much more that will help to cut the learning curve on the river.

Guide Bio

Nick Raftas has been fly fishing for close to 30 years. In 2011 Nick joined Sky Blue Outfitters and expanded the business into guiding on some of the states larger waterways. Nick primarily guides on the Lehigh River for trout and the Susquehanna River and middle Delaware River for smallmouth bass but also spends time guiding on many of the states smaller limestone and freestone streams as well as guiding for carp, musky, largemouth bass and northern pike.

Nick has contributed to Field and Stream Magazine with his photography and has been a featured guide in the magazine as well. Nick has also been featured in Field and Stream’s Hook Shots video series for the guiding he does on the Susquehanna River, fly angling for carp and steelhead fishing in Michigan.

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