Sam Vigorita- Ties Flies An Edge Above the Rest

February’s Membership Meeting
Wednesday February 28th 7:30 PM

Fly Patterns – An Edge Above the Rest with Sam Vigorita.

Sam Vigorita is one ofSam Vigorita

the area’s most suc-
cessful Trout anglers

and has logged literally
thousands of hours
fishing and instructing

on The Upper Dela-
ware River and many

East Coast trout and
salmon waters. He is a
true Master when it
comes to fly tying and
fly fishing tactics. He knows the local fisheries and the
Upper Delaware River system better than most of us
know the marks on the backs of our hands. In this
presentation you will learn how to tie his Dry Fly

patterns designed to target big Trout and see for your-
self why his photo albums are filled with hundreds

of the trophy Trout everyone else only hopes to
hook into.

Sam is a life time member of the Main Line Fly-
Tyers Club and the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers and

for the past 35 plus years he has been a significant
reason for the success of the Main Line Fly Tyers.

He is known for his enthusiasm for fly tying, fly fish-
ing, casting, and his willingness to share his knowledge

and teach others the techniques. Over the years he
has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of men and
women how to tie flies that catch fish!

Most all of his special fly patterns, secrets, and tech-
niques have finally been put in to print and can now

be found in his new book, “Fly Patterns – An Edge
Above the Rest”.

Each year he teaches private classes, and also demon-
strates his techniques and performs seminars for

many fly angler clubs throughout the tri state area.

For additional information, you are welcome to con-
tact Sam directly:

Sam Vigorita
Phone: 215-491-3329

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