Meeting scheduled July 22nd. – Our Guest Presenter is Professional Fly Caster Mark Sedotti

Mark_SedottiMark Sedotti is a professional Fly Caster, author, and designer of flies and rods.  Mark has toured with many fly fishing shows giving long distance casting demonstrations with very large flies.  Mark offers private casting instruction.

The good news – We plan to restatrt our scheduled meetings again on Wednesday July 22nd.  Bring your facemasks and practice social distancing and avoid handshakes to stay safe.

It has been a long time since many of us have seen each other.  Hopefully everyone has remained healthy.  There will be a follow-up positing here when the guest speaker is announced.  Hopefully many have been able to practice their social distancing by getting on the waters of your favorite fishng destinations and lots of news about the fishing can be shared when we meet.

Bring a lawn chair so we can sit in the lawn behind the VFW building, hopefully if we have good weather.

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