Annual Pizza and talk about fishing night




Join us for our annual Pizza night


Join us this Wednesday for our annual Pizza night.  For this meeting we don’t have a speaker.  However we enjoy each others company, enjoy pizza and talk about fly fishing in a low key environment.   Also the club goes over its goals and shares stories about our trout season and upcoming fishing adventures.  On the topic agenda is talks about upcoming club trips.  This a great chance to meet and talk to others about fly fishing.  Also is a time to find others who might be interesting in going fishing at some time.


We being with a social hour then the Pizza will arrive.  Social time begins at 7:00 pm followed by the pizza arrival.


DVFF Meetings are held at the Yardley VFW Post, 1440 Yardley Newtown Road.  Minutes for I-95 and shady Brooke farms


Calling all new comers

If you are new to fly fishing or want to check it out and learn more, Join us on March 26, as we get ready for the fishing season. This one day session is a prelude to the annual learn to fish on the water day, held this year on April 23. DVFF is lucky to have certified casting instructors and guides who will help new and experienced fly fishers go over there skills.   There will be a casting clinic, along with and other instruction about fly fishing such as type of flies to use . Also This a great time to socialize and to find people who are interested in fly fishing.

This one day class begins at 10 am and runs all day. Lunch is provided for all who attend. There is a $25.00 fee for non-members..


If interested send a message to Wayne Raydel at to reserve your spot.



This Class will be held at the Yardley VFW Post, 1440 Yardley Newtown Road. Minutes for I-95 and shady Brooke farms



Wet lines lead to tight lines.

The Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club will be holding our On the Water Fly Fishing Class this Saturday, April 26, 2014, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, on the Little Lehigh Creek. The fee is $50.00 – and includes lunch. If you are interested in attending this class, be sure to call us to reserve your spot (and your lunch) at: (215) 245-0677.

This is a fantastic class on a fantastic piece of trout water! When we begin our session on the doorstep of the Heritage Fly Shop you will be guided through instructions including how to read water (and how to fish that water based on temperature, flow rate, terrain and turbidity). You will learn how to cast under, over and around obstacles so that you can cast using weighted flies, wet flies and dry flies (and combinations that really work). This is an intensive day of fly fishing that is only interrupted by a lunch, then back to fishing.

Class participants are encouraged to bring along their rod and reel, clean waders, and to be prepared for any weather conditions as the class is held rain or shine. Remember also, because You WILL Be Fishing, a valid Pennsylvania Fishing License with a Trout Stamp is required!


Fly Fishing Class on the Little Lehigh

This section of the Little Lehigh is a slice of Trout-Heaven-On-Earth offering plenty of shade, riffles, overgrowth and undercut banks – enough variety of conditions to keep you busy all day long. The park itself (part of the Allentown, PA., parks system) has ample parking and bathroom facilities. One of the nicest things about this park is that you will forget very quickly that you are within city limits.

Whether you are just starting out, or looking to gain some added experience and insight, you will find this class will meet your needs. As a bonus, Dave Bittner’s The Heritage Fly Shop is located right where our class will be held. Dave always has the latest information regarding hatches and water conditions and a well stocked assortment of gear and flies to help you catch fish… so while you are there, be sure to stop in and say hello – if you intend to fish the Little Lehigh again, Dave will be a man you want to make friends with!

The Heritage Fly Shop, and our On Water Fly Fishing Class are located at: 2643 Fish Hatchery Rd., Allentown, PA 18103 – just about 5 minutes off of either the PA Turnpike Northeast Extension (Rte. 476) or Rte. 309. We hope you can join us!

Notice: Introduction to Fly Fishing Class

I want to take this moment to remind everyone that the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club is offering its Introduction to Fly Fishing Class on March 22, 2014 (10:00 AM to 4:00 PM). The fee for this class is only $25.00. Seating is limited so you are encouraged to call ahead to pre-register: (215) 245-0677. Bring along your notebook and your rod and reel with line (though not required).

From personal experience I can say that this class is probably one of the finest available – for many reasons. When I attended this class – the first time – I had already been fishing for over 30 years. I learned much more than simply how to “fly fish”… I learned specifics about fish behavior and angler behavior that, once applied, brought me even more joy and success in the angling sports I grew up with.

Our expert members will share their knowledge:

At the right time: This class will provide you with all the information you will need in order to have a fun and fulfilling “opening day” fly fishing for trout in Pennsylvania.
Of the right gear: From rod and reel to boots and hats – you will learn what you need and what you won’t need to fulfill your fly fishing goals.
Of the right tactics: You will learn to “read the water” and to “match the hatch” to help you decide whether to fish the top, the bottom, or somewhere between.
Of tips and tricks: You will learn about what goes into all those vest pockets – from the latest little gadgets to well tested home-made tools and much more.
Of fly casting: Bring your rod or borrow one of ours because you are going to learn to fly cast, or, learn to fly cast better than you do already with help from our FFF-certified casting instructors (Federation of Fly Fishers).

If you enjoy this class and want to take your skills to the next level, or you are looking for more advanced training, take a look at our upcoming “on-water” Fly Fishing Class on the Little Lehigh Creek. We’ll discuss this at greater length in a future posting.

One other personal note I would like to share: Fly Fishing is NOT an expensively exclusive sport. You will learn that you can – even with a small budget and simple equipment care – enjoy a lifetime of fly fishing without breaking the bank! (More about fly fishing on a budget will be presented in a later posting.)

This class will be held at the Yardley VFW Post (#3693), 1444 Yardley-Newtown Road, Yardley, Bucks County, PA 19067. After the morning session the class will take a break for lunch and you are welcome to join us at one of the nearby eateries, then, back to start the afternoon session.

Please share this with your friends, neighbors and family – this truly is a great class for beginners to get started as well as a refresher for those with some experience. This is also a wonderful and affordable opportunity for a “Family Day” outing and even an “early” Father’s Day present.

You can find images from a previous class on our Past Events page.

We hope you can join us!

Fish Poaching with Young Anglers

As a Delaware Valley Fly Fisher, how often have you arrived at one of your favorite fishing holes only to find it occupied by unlicensed poachers, who, somehow, are able to quickly reel in lines with dozens of hooks, toss their trash into the bushes, and load their over-the-limit, undersized and out-of-season catch into their cooler and hit the highway before you can find the number for your local WCO (Waterways Conservation Officer)? If you live and fish in and around the Delaware Valley your answer is probably “more often than you’d care to remember.”

What can we do about it? Not much. Confrontation is probably not the best option. Perhaps write down their license plate and a few notes describing who and what you saw, then report it when you are safe and able. In the end – this doesn’t seem to be a very satisfying course of action so let me suggest an alternative: Become a Poacher Yourself!

Before you get your tippet in a granny knot let me explain…
Selected waters across Pennsylvania, stocked with trout, are open to fishing under special regulations on the Saturday preceding the opening day of trout season. Yes, you can fish for trout a week before most everyone else as long as you are participating in the PFBC’s 2014 Mentored Youth Fishing days. As an adult, you will need your valid fishing license and trout permit. Your “Mentored Youth” (less than 16 years of age) must possess a current “Mentored Youth Permit” or a “Voluntary Youth License.” While the “Permit” is free, I’d ask that you consider purchasing a full “Voluntary Youth License” which only costs $2.70. I recommend this because the “License” provides a great return for your investment: for each “Voluntary Youth License” sold, the PFBC receives $5.00 back in federal funding and these funds are earmarked for outreach and education programs with the goal to introduce our young people to our fine angling sports in the Commonwealth. For more information, please visit the PFBC website on the Mentored Youth Program.

Okay, so you say that you wouldn’t exactly be “poaching” these fish because you are properly licensed and permitted. Your criticism is fair enough. So here is your second option to poach fish – that is – here is a fine recipe to try with your early season catch:

Trout Poached in White Wine with Thyme

Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

1/2 stick chilled butter
1 large leek (thinly sliced and well rinsed, using the white and pale green parts)
1 med. carrot, peeled and cut into matchsticks
4 trout, boned and butterflied
2 teaspoons of fresh thyme, minced
2 bay leaves, each sliced in half
1 cup of Riesling white wine.

In a skillet, melt 1 tablespoon of butter over medium heat and sauté the leek and carrot strips until just tender (about 5 minutes). Arrange trout, skin side down in a large roasting pan and sprinkle them with a pinch of salt, black pepper and half of the thyme. Spread the leek and carrot mixture evenly over each fish and top each off with a half-tablespoon of butter (you should have about 3 tablespoons of butter reserved). Then gently poor the wine over the fish trying not to wash away the other ingredients.

Bake the trout until the center of each is just opaque, about 15 minutes. Transfer the fish and veggies onto plates and keep them warm with foil. Pour all the juices from the roasting pan into your skillet and reduce this by boiling and constant stirring to about 3/4 of a cup (about 5 minutes). Remove any remaining bay leaves. Add remaining 3 tablespoons of butter and remaining thyme and whisk mixture until butter has melted. Pour sauce over fish and serve.

This dish is great served with some steamed asparagus and a simple baked potato.

Special Note to our friends and followers: If you do take a young person fishing on this special day we invite you to send a photo from your trip… or your dinner table!