Next Meeting Wednesday September 26th with our guest Rick Kustich

Fly fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead 

A complete discussion of the pursuit of steelhead in the Great Lakes region. The presentation looks at run timing, steelhead behavior, strategy, techniques, flies and some of the region’s top rivers. The discussion on techniques focuses on Rick’s favorite approach to a steelhead river – swinging the fly, the use of switch and two-hand rods, and Spey casting.

Rick Kustich_photo_1 Rick Kustich_photo_2

Rick Kustich is a fly-fishing author, photographer, and instructor who began fly-fishing over forty years ago on the lakes and streams of upstate New York. Rick’s work has appeared in numerous national and regional publications, including Fly Fisherman and American Angler. He is the author of Hunting Musky with a Fly and Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead as well as four other fly fishing titles and is featured in the DVDs Tube Flies for Steelhead and Spey Daze. He has also spent time as a guide, fly-shop owner, travel host, and fly-fishing book publisher. He lives in Western New York.

DVFF meeting Wednesday August 22nd, 7:30pm

Salt Water Kayak Fishing
The New Jersey Coast

Ricky Wolbert of Coastal Kayak Fishing Adventures presents a kayak angling power point and video presentation that is focused on helping the beginner and seasoned kayak fisherman get started in the world of salt water kayak fishing. While we touch on safely first, then go into details on seasons and launch locations from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Also we will discuss rods, reels and tackle used to catch some feisty salt water game fish as you will see in our with Live Fish Catching footage. We will also talk about kayak selections and gear and more to help get you get into the flow and ride the tides to an adventure of your own.

Ricky Wolbert

Fundraising Night at Texas Roadhouse August 20th

Join us by attending or ordering Take-Out on Monday August 20th, 4pm to 10pm.

Show the picture below on your phone, tablet or a print-out upon entering the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Bensalem, Pa.  On that evening 15% of your food order will be donated to the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers.  This helps us secure funding to invite guest speakers to our meetings and pay for the rental of our meeting place.  Members and non-members can participate.  Please tell your friends and family members also.       Everyone is invited.

DVFF@Texas Roadhouse Aug 20

Wednesday July 25th Meeting – Fly Fishing for Muskies

Colin Monahan

Colin Monahan has been pursing various species of fish since he was 12. Growing up in the greater Lehigh Valley area he was quickly introduced to stream trout and warm water fish in the Delaware and Lehigh rivers. He’s been fortunate enough to learn from pioneers and legends in the sport such as George Harvey and Joe Humphries as well as contemporaries like George Daniel and Joe Goodspeed. His love of angling has taken him to numerous locations around the world. As a practicing attorney, he spends his free time on the water or with his family.
Colin will be discussing various aspects of chasing muskellunge. His presentation will cover the gear, lines, and flies necessary, as well as fish habitat, conservation and angling etiquette. Apart from the crash course on Esox masquinongy, Colin will also discuss an important non profit organization who’s singular purpose is to educate anglers, preserve and establish viable populations of muskellunge, and above all, have fun while enjoying this precious resource.