Smart Links

Our DVFF Smart Links to reference materials and tools that we have found helpful to becoming better, and more knowledgeable anglers. If you find an exceptional tool or reference that should be included on this list – please leave a comment with the pertinent information below – thank you!

LeaderCalc2007: This tool (an Excel spreadsheet) was developed by Steven Schweitzer and the Global FlyFishers. Use this application to calculate segments for your hand-tied leaders based on leader length, line weight and tippet size. This also includes handy and customizable labels to help you identify the leaders you are carrying.
[Download the LeaderCalc2007 guide.] [Download LeaderCalc2007 tool.]

Fly Fishing Etiquette: This short guide (from the Colorado Cutthroat Chapter of Trout Unlimited) provides the basics of etiquette rules for fly fishers. This guide should be a “must read” for anyone new to the sport, and might be a good refresher for those who are finding nasty notes left on their windshield.
[Download the Fly Fishing Etiquette Guide.]

Catch and Release Guidelines: Dr. S.J. Casselman of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has provided us with the most in-depth guide to releasing caught fish available today. Covering topics from hook design, to fish handling, to water depth and temperature variables, to species and fish size… this guide covers it all and provides a simple to read summary of best practices.
[Download the Catch and Release Guidelines.]

Aquatic Invasive Species: On first glance it may appear that the quality of our waterways are improving. A closer look will actually show that the aquatic environments of our lakes and streams are under the assault of a wide array of aquatic invasive species. These invasives are plants and animals that are non-native species, transported accidentally and in some instances maliciously. If you fish, boat, hunt, or otherwise spend any recreation time on our waterways, you are a potential vector of transmission. In short – you should make a habit of thoroughly cleaning your gear, including boots, fishing lines, boat hulls, bilges and live-wells, trailer wheels, and any other gear that comes in contact with the water. Our friends at Penn State University have provided a great web site regarding the identification, prevention and mitigation of aquatic invasive species currently threatening Pennsylvania. This information is further supplemented by the nation-wide efforts of the “Protect Your Waters” organization, and we encourage you to review their information sites before you hit the water again.
[Link to PSU’s Aquatic Invasive Species of Pennsylvania.]
[Link to Protect Your Waters.]

Defending the Delaware River: The Delaware Riverkeeper Network provides monitoring and legal protections for this fragile waterway. They have helped local river communities to conserve and defend the estuary for all to enjoy.
[Link to the Delaware Riverkeeper Network.]

Fly Tying Video Lessons: The UK’s David Cammiss has provided tying instruction videos for beginners and intermediate tiers. While there are plenty of tying videos available on the web, Cammiss’ approach is simple to follow and his videos are wonderfully produced. Cammiss is an accomplished “old school” fly fisher and one of the finest tiers in Europe.
[Link to Learn Fly Tying with David Cammiss]

More Flies: With over 3700 patterns, Hans Weilenmann’s Flytier’s Page web site has some of the best tying instructions available on-line. Flies from around the world are photographed and a complete pattern recipe is provided. The Flytier’s Page is fully searchable and if you are so inclined, you too can submit your own favorite patterns for all the world to see.
[Link to Flytier’s Page.]

Tying Knots: Animated Knots by Grog provides the most extensive how-to web site on knot tying available (fishing, boating, scouting, rescue and more!). If you have trouble following some of the instructions in knot books then this is the place to visit. Each knot is accompanied by a description for when to use it and an animated step-by-step visual instruction. Try it – you’ll like it.
[Link to Knots by Grog.]

Fishing the Delaware River Valley Area: Please… no pushing! There’s more than enough red-tape for all of us! If you are planning to fish you will need a license. Here are some links to the appropriate agencies to contact in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, Maryland, and Delaware.
[Link to Pennsylvania] [Link to New Jersey] [Link to New York]
[Link to Maryland] [Link to Delaware]

USGS Water Data: The USGS provides real-time data for waters across our United States.
[Link to Delaware River data at Trenton, NJ]
[Link to USGS Water Data Home]

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association: A noble group dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of Pennsylvania Fly Fishing.
[Link to Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Association.]

American Museum of Fly Fishing: Another grand effort to promote an understanding of and appreciation for the history, traditions, and practitioners, past and present, of the sport of fly fishing.
[Link to American Museum of Fly Fishing.]

Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum: Yet another fine group dedicated to preserving America’s flyfishing heritage; teaching its future generations of flyfishers; and protecting its flyfishing environment.
[Link to Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum.]

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