Past Events

Looking back, we’ve had so much fun that we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer! Whether it was at an introduction to fly fishing workshop, fly tying classes, sporting exhibition, fishing trip, or at one of our regular meetings, we always find ourselves in good company with other Delaware Valley Fly Fishers club members.

Keep in mind… Our meetings and instructional sessions are great opportunities to introduce less experienced members of your family to the angling arts and sciences of fly fishing. Even experienced anglers will benefit from the depth of knowledge shared among club members and guest speakers.

If you are interested in joining us at an information session, instructional class, one of our regular meetings, or even on the water, please contact us at (215) 245-0677, or send an email to:

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Classes are available for novice, intermediate and advanced tiers. These classes are presented over the course of several weeks and the proceeds from attendance fees go directly to support club activities and guest speaker fees. For current class information please visit our “Classes” page.


Taking notes and tying at the “Advanced” tying table led by DVFF’s own Sam Shiels.


A fluffy-buggy fly from Sam’s vice.

Introduction to Fly Fishing – Session One

DVFF offers a day-long Introduction to Fly Fishing class at the Yardley VFW Post: Information presented includes discussions on selecting equipment, reading water, fish behavior and wraps up with a fly casting clinic. More information about DVFF Fly Fishing classes is available on our “Classes” page, our Fly Fishing School Flyer, or by contacting us at: (215) 245-0677, or email us at:


Former DVFF President Jerry Girard Jr. guides the class through the myriad of fly fishing equipment options.


DVFF Executive Director Jerry Girard Sr. shares an excellent historical perspective of the preeminence of fly fishing in the Delaware Valley.


The spirit of the class is always light hearted and fun and this spirit carries over to our regular meetings as well!


After returning from lunch the class lines up for fly casting lessons.


How good are these DVFF classes? After a few tips and a few tries, this young angler learns the art of mending his line with a rod-tip wiggle.

Introduction to Fly Fishing – Session Two “On the Water”

DVFF also offers a day-long Fly Fishing class on the water. Here, the DVFF class is hosted on the Little Lehigh River, adjacent to the Heritage Fly Shop. More information about DVFF Fly Fishing classes is available on our “Classes” page, our Fly Fishing School Flyer, or by contacting us at: (215) 245-0677, or email us at:


On the Little Lehigh River, the DVFF fly fishing class works on their cross-stream casting techniques.


Ray Miller guides a tactical session on getting the fly down deep in quick moving water.

Sporting Expos

DVFF participates in local sporting shows and offers fly tying and fly fishing tips. We also extend an open invitation to join us at our monthly meetings where guests are always welcome. If you would like to visit with us simply come to our meeting place at the Yardley VFW Post, or feel free to call us at: (215) 245-0677.


Sam Shiels shares a laugh with Bob Mathews as they man the DVFF table at a recent sporting expo in south-eastern Pennsylvania.


Sam Shiels explains fly tying details to one of the attendees at the recent expo.


Jerry Girard Jr. provides expo attendees with fly casting tips ideal for fishing those tight spots stream side , or in the family room if no one is around…