Member’s Area

Welcome to the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club Member’s Area.
The information contained in these “Member’s Area” pages are designed for current members only. Please do not share your password with anyone else.

If you have questions or constructive suggestions regarding the content of our DVFF web, please contact us by leaving a comment below, speak with a club officer or send an email to:

 Please access our DVFF Club Calendar for dates and times of upcoming DVFF events, meetings and special notices. Further, more detailed information about upcoming DVFF events can be found on our Home Blog page. Do you have an important date to share with DVFF? Send an email with your information to:

Please be aware that PASSWORD PROTECTED areas of our website have been created to serve DVFF members-in-good-standing and these pages are not open to the general public. Also, Please remember that our membership includes families and youngsters, so proper etiquette is required (abusive, derogatory, or retaliatory language or behavior is not permitted). The DVFF web moderator and Club Officers reserve the right to restrict access to these pages and comments if good etiquette is ignored.

The Delaware Valley Fly Fisher’s Club By-Laws

DVFF Bylaws rev. 9-17-19

Your Delaware Valley Fly Fishers Club Officers: As your elected officers, we are intent on bringing you programs and opportunities that will enhance your angling knowledge and heighten your fly fishing experience. Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions for future programs and club benefits. Likewise, we encourage you to take advantage of the current benefits that DVFF can offer you and we further encourage you to volunteer some of your valuable time and efforts to promoting DVFF to your fellow anglers and others with an interest in fly fishing, and to participating in programs that we offer to our community. Your presence at our classes and workshops speaks volumes to the value of our organization and your encouragement to potential and new members will help to ensure that the Delaware Valley Fly Fishers will enjoy a long and prosperous existence.

If you are ready to help, but are not sure where to begin, please contact us – there is an awful lot to do in order to accomplish our goals and you, our fellow members and friends, are the best qualified help we could hope for!

Your 2017-2018 Club Officers are:
President – Jack Walsh-
Vice-President – Dave Wermuth-

Recording Secretary – Donald Shreve –
Treasurer – Greg Sutchko –
1st Exec. Officer – Steve Wermuth –
2nd Exec. Officer – Mike Richardson-
3rd Exec. Officer – Wayne Rankin-
Exec. Director – Jerry Girard Sr. – 215-245-0677 –
Hospitality – Gerry Rigney-
Librarian – Rob Huebner-
Web Design and Maintenance – Wayne Kachelries –

The current DVFF Officers want to offer our appreciation to our previous officers who, without their ceaseless dedication, our club would not be here to enjoy today. So, we raise our rod tips high to Jerry Girard Jr., and Sam Shiels, our past President and Vice President for all their efforts.

If you see information on these pages that require corrections, please send an email to:

1 thought on “Member’s Area

  1. Good afternoon – I have about 20 capes of different ducks I harvested last year – they are salted and completely dried out. I would like to donate these capes to your club. Do you want these for the feathers?
    Majority are mallards and some wood ducks – taken locally in Bucks County
    Please let me know or possibly give me direction. I’d like these to be used versus throwing them out.

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